Welcome to DMR School of Ballet

DMR School of Ballet was established in 1984 offering children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to learn to dance, in a professional and enjoyable environment.  Our main studio is located at the Discovery Bay South Plaza (directly above HSBC).  

Our faculty, over the years, has been made up of highly talented and experienced teachers, recruited locally as well as from abroad and their high standards are reflected in our examination results (100% Pass rate) and the quality of the dancers that have graduated from DMR over the years. 

DMR offers pupils a full schedule covering a wide variety of choices: Ballet, following the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) syllabus and Imperial Society of Teacher of Dancing (ISTD) Tap and Modern for children.  We also encourage participation in and prepare pupils for the annual exams in each of these modalities. 

DMR also offers creative non-syllabus classes such as Fun Ballet and Tots in Tutus. 

Teachers and students alike work together to make ours one of the best schools in town! 

In addition to our full stage annual performances, DMR has organized and participated in numerous events including:

- Parade at 'HK Disneyland' since 2017

- 'AIA The Greatest European Carnival' since 2017

- Youth Arts Festival since 1999

- Charity fundraiser for 'China Coast Community' at Government House in 2000

- DB Dragon Boat Festival since 1984

- Discovery College Family Fun Day since 2007

- Discovery Bay International School Food Fair since 1995

- Various Christmas events and fundraisers

Our reputation for Story Ballets is legendary so visit our galleries to find out more about these amazing performances.  During the summer months July and August DMR offers an amazing, fun and creativity inspiring packed Summer Camps in which pupils get involved in a range of dance and dance related activities.  DMR is synonymous with non stop learning and enjoyment all year round. 


History of DMR... Shaping dancers and creating standards of international excellence since 1984

"Why are you teaching at every other Ballet school and not for our kids in DB?"  This was the rather disgruntled comment from a friend over tea way back in 1983.  At that time there were a handful of families living in Discovery Bay and Park and Shop had yet to open.  Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) had just moved out of the Resident's Club into it's new premises and kindly agreed for us to use their new Multi-Purpose room for our dance studio.

For many years Miss Naughton (then principal of DBIS) stoically hosted teams of sweaty, young tappers and hop-skipping, jumping, screaming pink frillies running up and down stairs at the school and jumping enthusiastically on the flooring above her office!  In addition, she bravely stepped over yards and yards of back-drop fabrics spread over school grounds by creative mums and Dads who gave up their weekends to contribute to various shows.  Without her support during that time, we would hardly have been able to mature and move forward the way we did... into our shiny new studio in the Plaza in 1990."  - Dawnna Wayburne

DMR has evolved since 1984 into a well-established Ballet studio of international standing that we are all very proud of.  Over the years we have taught countless aspiring young dancers to various levels, entered many of them in RAD and ISTD exams and have seen them achieve great results. 

DMR has come a long way over the past decades and Dawnna is thrilled to have played a role in it's evolution together with dedicated professionals who worked closely with her.  
Changes have happened along the way and we have expanded from a school of just 6 students to one that numbers over 300 pupils today. 

"Anyone who has a child today should train him to be either a physicist or a ballet dancer. Then he'll escape."
~ (Wystan Hugh) W. H. Auden

We have seen entire families of children come through the studio, our students still dance at the DBIS School Fairs, and each time we get ready for performances in the Circus Nursery we are reminded of our small beginnings and the pleasure of being where we are today. 

Some of our graduates have gone on to train professionally at renowned Ballet and Dance facilities around the world and other former pupils are now bringing their own aspiring ballerinas to DMR!