51 Things Only Ballet Dancers Understand

Nov 18, 2015


Tips & Advice

Here is something fun to read for all the ballerinas!

"Ten years and 20 pounds ago, I called myself a ballet dancer.  Weeknights and weekends were dedicated to frappés instead of friends, and summers were filled with 8-hour workshops instead of 8-hour workdays.  The art might not have set my financial future up well (those workshops worked quite a hole in my family's pocket), but I'd like to think it set me up as a human being.  Ballet taught me patience and hard work, and that striving for perfection could be a beautiful thing.

So I continued to chassé to class, well after I quit my company when college applications got in the way, and well after I traded in dance for a far less physically taxing art form, writing.  And even though my soul does the dance of death every time I hear an audience member opening a snack while watching Swan Lake at Lincoln Center (concessions at the ballet? Really?!), my heart still flutters while hearing the overture, remembering the excited bustle (ha!) backstage before every performance." - Author:

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