Ballet: Best Exercise to Improve Your Posture?

Nov 18, 2015


Tips & Advice

Another great article we found on the benefits of ballet!  Take a look:

While I won’t say there’s a best exercise, today I’m going to share with you a simple technique to help improve your posture and release shoulder tension.

Many dancers don’t realize the extent to which they have absolutely horrendous posture.

I know I was oblivious to the fact, and several of the dancers I train were too! My theory is that we put ourselves on what I call the “dancer pedestal”, high upon which we are ignorant of the fact that we might also suffer from conditions that plague the general populations of people- Kyphotic posture being one of them.  Do you look like this?

Why is it important for dancers to have good posture?  The terms posture and alignment can be used interchangeably, and for dancers, having good alignment from the head down to the feet, is of supreme importance for:

  • Releasing shoulder tension
  • Freedom of movement of the arms and port de bras
  • Reducing risk of lower back injury
  • More aesthetically pleasing lines, including in arabesque
  • Confidence and stage presence
  • Efficient breathing

I’m sure there are more things I could add to that list, but let’s keep it short and sweet for now.  For the purposes of this post, I’m going to talk specifically about the posture of the upper back and shoulders.  The pelvis is a whole new ball park that I’ll try to cover another day.

Not only are many dancers not aware of their rounded back, forward neck posture, and perhaps excessively tilted pelvis, but they probably have a number of muscle imbalances and soft tissue restrictions limiting their range of motion and mobility in the thoracic spine.

Read the full article here!