Nov 2, 2018


Dear Parents, We have come through these unprecedented few weeks of shut down a little wobbly on our DMR feet but thrilled to see students back in class. We’re following all Government guidelines regarding numbers in class and both Ms Helen and Ms Erica have been ever vigilant regarding safety, sanitization and temperature checks. As we come to the end of the school year I wanted to thank you for supporting our school and entrusting us with the teaching of your children. Our team of teachers are some of the most dedicated and invested in all aspects of sharing their art. This leads me to a special mention for all our young Zoomers who “showed up” whilst we were closed. Ms Rhianna was our Zoom hero and young Jacey and FiFi get top marks for attending every one of her online sessions. Great job Girls! These two dancers will receive a free pair of Disney grip socks as a reward for attending all classes! Read on for more information and news.
Sadly, so much has not happened this year. Our annual performance has been put on hold and both RAD and ISTD exams either cancelled or postponed. We know you have many questions regarding both and hope the following will set minds at ease. WHEN WILL I GET MY EXAM REFUND? We are still awaiting news from the HK examination authorities regarding these and will keep you apprised of all updates. WHAT HAPPENS IF MY CHILD DID NOT TAKE HIS/HER EXAM?  At the start of next term, all students will naturally progress to the next level unless agreed otherwise with their teacher ie a Grade 1 student will move into Grade 2. Major students will follow their existing required syllabus with the possibility of learning a higher syllabus in parallel. Eligibility for entering an exam in May/June 2021 will be contingent on progress made by end 2020.
Will we do a show?
Ms Rhianna has her eye on Discovery College or DBIS as a possible venue for a Christmas show. Clearly, this will be contingent on HK reaching a state of greater stability regarding Covid care. Normally, our performances showcase the work of soon-to-be graduates in lead roles and, sadly, this was not possible this year. The graduates we were hoping to give Lead roles to are Ruby McMaster and Bella Richardson, both of whom will be leaving us next year. Ruby has been accepted by the prestigious Laines Theatre Arts School in London, and, following in her sister’s footsteps, hopes to perform one day. We are very excited for her and have no doubt that she will indeed make a name for herself.
In the meantime...Summer School!
In the meantime, we have a terrific summer programme lined up. Ms Helen and Rhianna have come up with a balance of camps, workshops and classes to suit all ages. If you have not yet received a flyer or email registration form then please ask Ms Erica for one.
2020/21 Timetable
This schedule is now confirmed and will be sent out by mid-June. CHANGING TIMES The world, as we know it, has most certainly changed and 2020 has given us pause to reflect on family and priorities. This has led to some changes and upheaval in some instances and we will be saying goodbye to some lovely DB families this summer. One such family is the Broadbent clan. Lucy Broadbent came to DMR as a tiny bundle of joyous dance and creative potential and she will be greatly missed by her peers and teachers at DMR
Saying Goodbye
Saying goodbye to students on a yearly basis is never easy and saying goodbye to a DMR icon is even harder. Ms Helen and her husband Jamie have made the difficult decision to relocate their family to the UK at the end of June. I first met Ms Helen when she was still a student at the Academy for Performing Arts and danced a guest piece for us in our very first performance of the Snow Queen in December 1992. She went on to study at Laines in London and danced around the world for a period before returning to HK and joining DMR. She has been our mainstay and North Star and it will be heart wrenching to say goodbye. Stepping into her magical shoes will be Miss Rhianna who, together with our stalwart Ms Erica will ensure the smooth running of our studio. We say goodbye with a heavy heart but with confidence that the bonds we have are strong and that we will stay in touch and surely meet again.We wish Helen, Jamie and their family every happiness and success in their new lives back in England.
A Sad Farewell
On the subject of saying goodbye, we very sadly said goodbye to Ms Christina’s husband Dan, who passed away last month. Many of you will remember him as the person behind the costumes, the man who came to dress rehearsals and pinned, tucked, tweaked and cut costumes to ensure a perfect fit. His passing came as a deep blow to all of us who have known him over the years and we extend our sympathy to Ms Christina and her son Tim as they navigate the future without their husband and father.
So to those of you who are also relocating, we wish you well, and to those of you who are staying on for the summer and on into the coming year we welcome you as always with much affection and dedication. We look forward to a fantastic, knock-their-socks-off year next year!! Your DMR Team