DMR @ HK Disneyland

Feb 25, 2018

To quote the Disney website, “Given the right environment and the right opportunity, students can achieve great things.  We believe accomplishment should be encouraged and rewarded.  And, that's exactly what Disney Youth/ Performing Arts Programs is all about - offering youth groups unique opportunities to come together at Hong Kong Disneyland.”

That opportunity was a reality in November 2017 ('Just Can't Wait to be King'), 2018 ('Under the Sea' and 'Zipadeedoodah') & 2019 ('A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes' and 'Dancin a Catchy Rhythm') for our DMR students who were approved for participation to perform at Hong Kong Disneyland, one of the world’s favourite family amusement parks and happiest place on earth.

Watch this space for videos and photos of this "Dream come true" as they danced along Main St.

Contact us for more details about this magical experience in 2020!