For over 36 years, DMR has built an excellent reputation for the shows and performances that it has staged.

From full in-house productions featuring more than 200 dancers to smaller dinner events at Government House and DB Plaza, DMR has excelled and delighted both participants and audiences.

DMR attaches great importance to the staging of performances as it provides a wonderful opportunity for children to showcase what they have learned in class and for parents to see them apply their work in a creative forum.  Performances teach children about commitment and teamwork; they develop the confidence to step on stage in front of an audience while at the same time offering them a huge sense of pride and accomplishment as individuals.   These benefits don't vanish once they go backstage and home to bed.  They stay for life.

Teaching our students to take joy from the process of learning and creating is as vital as the performance itself and the end results have historically been amazing!

As can be imagined, the staging of a performance involves a huge input of creativity, energy and hard work which we receive from our pupils, teachers, parents and organizing staff in copious amounts.  The roar of applause at the final curtain makes it all worthwhile.

Some of the major performances that DMR has staged include: 'Snow Queen', 'The Nutcracker' and 'Yellow Brick Road'